Thursday, October 1, 2015

Essential Question "And Then What"

The essential questions project was a project we did which we had a word and we turned that word into a question and turned that question into a piece of art that represented that word's question.
In my case however I couldn't come up with a word that would be good enough to represent in a piece of art. So I decided it would be better for me to work backwards and make the art first. After I had started the art I had made out the word "and" which became the question "and then what?"


  1. I like how you made the art first and then came up with the question afterwards. That's sort of what I did and it makes more sense to me that way.

  2. Really cool way of going about the project and I think it was very successful. I like the mix of 2d and 3d because it creates shadows and depth.

  3. I like how your project proves that art doesn't always have to be repetitive and "understandable." the abstract aspect, makes it beauty stand out! -Anam