Thursday, October 23, 2014

Inspired Art

For my inspired art project i was assigned to research Frank Stella. Frank Stella was an artist who did most of his work in a minimalist, abstract style. During the making of this art I had to deal with making a lot of straight, small lines. I also had to keep a solid pattern of color while making the large grouping of lines. I also decided that having all of my lines be going the same way would be boring and bland, so at several points in the painting the lines change direction and at some points the create an almost staircase like design. Overall I feel as though this painting came out better than I had anticipated.

Perspective Drawing

For my perspective drawing I decided to do a top-down perspective of a concepted city. Above, you can see the finished image of my perspective city. While I was making this I used several reference photos of cities like New York, and Chicago but from the top-down point of view. During the duration of the drawing I became more acquainted to perspective viewing of cities, especially from the top down view. I also became more known to how to shade from different angles on a top down point of view on a city. Below is a rough draft image of what i was going to do with the picture.