Thursday, May 15, 2014

Relief (unfinished)

Artists Collaborate
I had help figuring out what i wanted to do for this project, and also how to go about doing it.
I was helped when figuring out whether or not I wanted just the pokeball, or if i wanted more in the background of the piece. 
Artists Take Risks
I wasn't entirely sure if I wanted to the Pokeball or not; however, after consideration I'd decided it was what I was sure i wanted to do.
Creating an extra connection from the Pokeball to the edges of the piece could have been unneeded in the piece and could've even worked against the piece. Although I feel as if it made the piece almost pop out more.

(Picture Soon)

Unconventional Material

Pc Tron Disc
Artist Collaboration
I had a lot of help from others in this project.
For starters i had help actually coming up with the idea of turning this pc disc into a tron disc.
I had to use the tape from inside the disc to make the disc look more solid so i needed help getting the tape out of the disc itself.
I also had help trying to figure out how to make the fluorescent color for the disc lining.
Artists Take Risks
I had to take a risk with whether or not i wanted to take out the tape from inside, if i hadn't of liked the way it looked wrapped around the disc then it would've been a lot of wasted time.
Also when i put the neon paint on the disc and hadn't liked the way it was then i would've had to start again with getting the tape out.

(Picture Soon)