Art II Final

I think the project that i found to be the most successful would have had to be the Inspired Art project. The idea behind the Inspired Art project was that we were given an artist to research and we had to write a paper about their work. After we had written the paper we had to make some sort of art that we were inspired to make after we had researched them. It wasn't all too difficult to get the outcome I wanted in this painting I just needed to get the symmetry down.

Inspired Art
I felt like I was least successful with the perspective drawing. the reason I feel this way is because it was more or less unfinished. I hadn't colored any of the picture and it wasn't as symmetrical as I had hoped it would be. If I could have done something better it would've been that I would've added more detail, and more color.
colored pencil
The two that I found to show the most growth of my artistic abilities would be the clay and colored pencil pieces. They both show growth in my creative abilities and my abilities to see a picture creatively.

I found the most beneficial mini lessons were the colored pencil  and the chalk lessons. I find these were the most beneficial because I needed to work on my drawing and sketching. I feel like these helped with my ability to sketch and draw using things other than pencils. I feel like this was enough instruction because I was able to move on with my drawing abilities and get better at drawing in general. 
My favorite medium to work with was the paint. I found this to be my favorite because I was able to make more of an abstract painting. I also find Acrylic paint to be the easiest to work with overall, because you have more freedom with it than most other mediums. I also found that medium to come out better than the other mediums did. I prefered how the acrylic paint looked after finishing it than I did with any other medium. 

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