Sculpture Final

                                                            (Adding Pictures Later)
Required Question: I was more indifferent towards whether i liked the "open art" or the other more. It didn't really bother me how we worked. With the open art some people had done projects that i was working on so I was able to get ideas. whereas when everyone is working on the same project their ideas will still be fresh on their minds and they'll remember why they did what they did.
1. The part of all the projects that I found the hardest was definitely the thinking up of ideas. I could have other people help me on making ideas for the projects. The project I had the most trouble thinking of an idea for was my Unconventional. After help from other and extensive thought i had come up with the project i made which was a tron disc.
2. My most successful project was my vessel. For the vessels project we had to create an item that could hold a liquid. I had made a coffee cup, but not just a coffee cup. I made a cup that had the SourceFed title on it. I made this because i enjoy SourceFed greatly and wanted something that reminded me of it.
3. If I was able to do over any project it would have to be my wearable art. my wearable art didn't turn out the way i wanted it to because it didn't fit my hand and didn't look right. I had tried to make fin and jake rings.if i was able to i would've had the rings fit my fingers and would've made the rings look better.

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