Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Clay Project

For the Clay Project I was assigned desserts. I decided to do ho-hos and cherry tarts. In my opinion the ho-hos came out the best; however, I'm not disappointed with how the tarts came out. the hardest part when making the ho-hos was getting the ends to look realistic and look like an actual ho-ho. The process of actually making the tarts wasn't difficult. The difficult part of them was figuring out how I was to go about making them, and the ideas I had to make them.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chalk, Colored Pencil, and Oil Pastel projects.

These two projects were my colored pencil and chalk drawings.
First the colored pencil drawing located on top was a dum dum lollipop. This was probably the easiest of the three drawings and I'm also most pleased with how this one turned out. the most challenging part of this drawing was getting shading and wrinkles of the wrapping to look good. But after I accomplished that, the rest just came together. The second was the chalk drawing. For the chalk drawing I drew a mint in a wrapper. The hardest part of this project would probably be making sure the green and blue chalks didn't mix. Also the wrapper was difficult to make transparent while still visible.
The third project I made was the Pastels. For the Pastels I made a Jolly Rancher in the wrapper. This was, in my opinion, the hardest one of the three. The hardest part was making the colors blend well together. I was satisfied with how the glare of the wrapper turned out, but other than that I wasn't pleased with the outcome of the project.