Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Final Blog

I feel I've been most inspired by Frank Stella. More specifically the geometric art he's created, but also his use of  nontraditional materials in his sculptures. I try to use more shapes in my art and substances you wouldn't normally use when making my . I've also learned how to use more structure and stability behind my art. I find frank Stella is the best example of an artist that has inspired me because of the ways I’ve grown in my artwork.
This first piece is an example of how I learned to use more shapes in my art. This art is more centered around the shape of the art. 

This piece is an example of how I use more nontraditional materials in my sculptures. The aluminum foil I used to create a trashcan isn't something you'd see very often in art.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

nontraditional art

My nontraditional art i decided to do was a trash can. Most people think of sculptures and paintings when they think of art so i decided to make something that would make people actually think about the real meaning of art. i used aluminum foil as the medium because i felt that aluminum foil isn't a huge medium thats used in the art world.