Monday, March 24, 2014

After visiting artist

1) My expectations lined up exactly i thought they would.
2) I wasn't sure how to do the wire and wrapping it.
3) The body was somewhat proportional.

before visiting artist

1) Bryant Holsenbeck is an artist that does sculptures of animals and living things made from non living, abiotic, manufactured items.
2) I expect her to have a very artistic attitude.
3)i don't expect my project to go as planned
4) I plan to do an lion cub

Vessel Project

Did you learn new techniques or processes as part of the work for this project? 
Yes. I learned how to make a mug first of all, plus i learned a lot about clay and clay making materials.
Did you gain skill with familiar materials?
I learned an easier way to score and slip and keeping the clay from drying out.
When did you step back and analyze you work during this project?
Before it was bisqued I made sure it was what i wanted from what i was making
Did you consider how ideas would work before you tried them?
Yes, i thought about making a bowl before realizing i can't have tea very successfully in a bowl.
Artists Collaborate
I had other students look at my work to make sure everything was level and proportional. Miss Sudkamp had helped me with learning how to clean glaze off parts of the piece so the colors wouldn't mix.